My life is like a bad movie (acheerangel444) wrote,
My life is like a bad movie




i don't know if you can read this, but if you can:

this means:

*no calling
*no texting
*no emailing
*no messages on any sort
*and don't even think about coming to my house

-Because if you do, i will, infact, call the cops and tell them what you did to me and i will tell them about the drugs you have in your house and what you do on a daily basis. Maybe if you get locked up, you'll learn. but maybe not.

i was a fool to even think that we could be friends. even when i was 15, you talked down to me like i was some piece of trash. and then you talked about my father, which was VERY fucking wrong and now i have bruises and a busted lip to prove how much of an asshole you really are.

you say you're sorry, blah blah blah. i don't give a fuck. i told you as soon as you hurt me, you'd never see or hear from me ever again. and all i wanted to do was be your fucking friend. but that wasn't good enough for you. you wanted to have sex with me, which i didn't do. you wanted me to be your girlfriend, which i didn't want to be.

And you know i don't like dealing with drama like this. i never thought i'd have to. i'm easy going and i was loving life until you fucked it up. i mean, i'm fine now, but i won't be if you keep calling the house. and why don't you think anyone has come over to your house yet to come and kick your ass? because i don't care. i'm not going to stoop down to your level. i hate drama, but you strive off of this bullshit.

But now you're harassing my family by calling my house phoen in all hours of the night and morning. i can't let my family get involved in this. CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND I DON'T EVER WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN.

why don't you get your own life, work on your insecurities and problems and stop trying to fuck up everyone elses


Those are the only words we will ever have. fuck you. have a nice fucking life, asshole.

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