My life is like a bad movie (acheerangel444) wrote,
My life is like a bad movie

i wonder what kinda bullshit will happen today?

i'm going to keep this short because i have to leave for work in 30 minutes and i still have a bunch of things to do before i leave. (which probably aren't going to get done)


wednesday night i went to ryans, got drunk and took xannies and passed out. next morning, ryan said "Kaite, i think i love you."

Please remember we weren't in a relationship or an item. just friends.

so i say, ryan, i think it's better if we just stayed friends.

and he went BALLISTIC.
first, he punch a hole about 7'' in my art box (which won't be prepared which also has some of my dad's stuff in it) so i immediately ran for the door that he wouldn't let me out of so he was like you're not leaving! and so i tried to force my way out and starte scfreaming ryan, let me out of your house. and he wouldn't. and i knew that if i would scream that people either upstairs would let me out of people downstairs. well no one came to my rescuse so i just started screaming which is where his hand was over my throat and another hand was over my mouth. so i'm screaming bloody murder and just trying to force my way out of his grip, my mouth is bleeding and i ran out of there so quick and he wouldn't get out of my way so i just drove off... over his foot (go me!)

so i'm i parked on a corner in richmond thinking like WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED. and i was hysterical. so i called brad. brad told me to call the police. which i did not. i don't want him to get in trouble, i just want him to get hurt unexpectedly.  but then i did hang out for alison and she made me laugh which she was always able to do and we drank some bum coffee and some BUMM tea. ah! it was good after that.

oh alsion, i did miss her.

anywho, i have to go.

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