My life is like a bad movie (acheerangel444) wrote,
My life is like a bad movie

So ben is adorable. and i really like him. and he really likes me. i don't even care that he's 30. i don't care that he has had children with other women, because he cares for them so. i don't care that he's a military police. He's everything and more and he's so sweet and he's caring and he looks at me deep in the eyes and tells me how special i am and how i shouldn't be nervous and he talks about the future if it so happens to turn out that way.

Why did he come to my life before he had to leave for 6 months?
i've gone 6 months without someone before. it's just days. many many days.

but i'll have to deal with it. he is really taking a toll on me and it feels so good.

and we think the same thing at the same time. He tells me-
"I wish i could hear what you're thinking right now."
With his kind smile and his sexy voice and his loving eyes.

jesus. hahaha.
He brought back romance. i thought that was never true, but i guess it just took me a while to find it.

oh ben, i hope nothing happens to screw this up. and i hope you're telling the truth. not that i doubts that would wouldn't... it's just, it all seems too good to be true and i hope that this time, it is too good.
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